Become one with plants and animals, Part 5/7

‘Let us suppose you are looking at a prism. With the eyes of the personality you will see no more than an object, a three-sided transparent crystal from which, when the light hits it, seven wonderful colours come streaming forth. This is wonderful indeed, but it is still on an ordinary level of consciousness. That is the way the majority observe things.

But once you develop the higher consciousness of the individuality, you do not see the crystal as an object separate from yourself, you put yourself inside the prism and enter its essence from within, you feel and understand its nature because you are within. This makes a great difference in the way you think about the prism.

Become one with plants and animals
It is the same for plants: if your consciousness allows you to enter a plant, you become one with the life flowing through it, one with the plant as if you were it… you know its properties, healing virtues and potential. And the same with animals, if you can penetrate an animal in your consciousness, you become one with it (without of course losing your human consciousness) and then whatever the animal feels, you feel.

The kind of education and upbringing which people receive today does nothing to prepare them for life, the real life. Their vision is limited to form, dimension, distance, weight and length… a limited scope at best!

Time and space do not exist for our higher Self
To enter a higher consciousness, they must now enlarge their sight and pay attention to the individuality, the higher Self, where neither time nor space exists, where you are one with all creatures, where past and present exist in your soul as the eternal present, and you can learn anything you want to know that has ever happened.

The reason for all the dire events and problems encountered by human beings during their lives is that they allow the personality to dominate them, they live in the personality. A small minority only make an effort to go higher, further, beyond their limits, to see with the eyes of the Spirit. For them the results are different, they have other sensations and feelings, other conceptions.

These explanations belong to the fourth and fifth dimensions
As you see it is difficult to describe these things; although they are perfectly clear in my head, I cannot find the words to describe them to you, they belong to the fourth and fifth dimensions. I have the same difficulty explaining them to you as I would have in explaining third dimensional ideas to those who live in the second dimension. The fourth dimension is inexplicable.

When I say the personality is not divine by nature, it is a manner of speaking, for certainly God is at the origin of everything.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 11, The Key to the Problems of Existence
Chapter 1, The Personality

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