Harmony and Health – Anarchy and Cancer, Part 3/7

‘The desire to liberate oneself, to be anarchic, to defy God’s orders, is the cause of all the misfortunes of mankind. The day human beings broke the bonds that linked them to Heavenly Harmony, misfortune began to rain down on them.

There is something important to understand; that it is human beings who create their own illnesses. And the more the spirit of anarchy prevails in the world, the more cancer there will be. Every illness is the result of a certain disorder, and cancer is the specific result of anarchy. Today, there is a growing spirit of anarchy abroad in the world. It is almost as though there were schools in which people learned to disrupt society by inciting others to anger and a spirit of revolt. The forces of darkness are at work, it is they that are responsible for this diabolical work.

The Initiatic orders, on the other hand – which work for the reign of peace, harmony and brotherhood so that all men may come to understand, love and be united with their fellows – are propagating antibodies that destroy the germs of cancer. If these Initiatic centres did not exist, the whole of humanity would have been contaminated a long time ago.

Unfortunately, compared to the vast numbers of those who work for destruction and create mountains of difficulty and obscurity, there is no more than a handful of human beings in the world who understand that we must unite and work in harmony in order to counteract the ills that threaten humanity: war, poverty and disease.

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This tiny minority is not yet mighty enough to combat the evil influence of the majority for, to achieve anything on earth, numbers are extremely important: the numbers of those who are good, pure and enlightened and capable of taking part in the formation of a universal brotherhood whose decisions would have some weight in world affairs.

The Laws of Harmony are the most solemn laws of the universe. Even when your intention is good, if you yourself are not in harmony, the good you intended will not have the conditions it needs to manifest itself; in fact, you will be disturbing something in the invisible world.  Anchor a divine idea in your head, work for a divine idea, and you will see what that idea can do for you: it will improve your whole existence, it will even prolong your life!

It is not difficult to know whether or not you have succeeded in achieving harmony: your whole being will tell you. When all your cells vibrate together in unison you cannot fail to feel it. If you drink a glass of water when you are thirsty, you don’t need anyone to tell you when your thirst is quenched, do you? Similarly, when you attain a state of harmony, you don’t need to be told: you feel the influx of tremendous forces, your aura pulses and vibrates, you are in a state of wonder and delight…’
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 225, Harmony and Health
Chapter 3, Harmony and Health
Complete Works, Volume 6, Harmony

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