Love can be for eternity

St Valentines Day, 2015
“On the etheric plane, every being has a special fragrance, which is a quintessence of their most precious possession: their love. And it is thanks to this fragrance that people who love each other can recognize each other in the next world.

Those who love you leave a fragrance in you that you keep for all eternity. In the same way, your expressions of selfless love for others leaves a kind of fragrance in them, thanks to which they will remember and recognize you.

So many men and women who love each other wonder whether they will meet again in the other world! Why, yes, if they have truly loved each other they will recognize each other among the billions of souls that inhabit the invisible world.

There will be no mistake. Among the multitude of created beings, it is your love for the person you seek that will lead you to them, even when their whereabouts on high are unknown to you.”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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