Making contact with your higher Self, Step 1

Our earthly being is made up of many different fickle, changeable ‘selves’, but it is we who are responsible for them and for all their silly mistakes, so it is we who suffer and have to make reparation. Our true Self never makes a mistake or commits a crime; he remains in the purity and light of the higher world, and it is up to us to scale those heights and, one day, become one with him.

When we want to know ourselves, that is to say, when we make up our minds that we really do want to be united with him, our higher Self is immediately aware of it and delighted to know that, at last, the most important work on earth has begun. Whatever else we do leaves him absolutely cold and indifferent.

Our higher Self only notices us when we finally decide to get to know him
It is all the same to him if we become a general, a Cabinet minister or an emperor or if we have an accident or live in destitution and despair; none of that moves him. He only begins to notice us and give us his attention when we finally decide that we want to get to know him.

There are actually two methods you can use in order to find and make contact with your true Self. The first consists in focusing on your ego, your human self. This self is illusory and very limited, to be sure, but it is, nonetheless, a reality. Even if you say that it doesn’t exist, at least it exists as non-existence.

Connecting with your Higher Self
So the first method consists in making use of this feeble means, this screen on which yourself, your consciousness, is reflected, this screen which is not you and yet which is you, which is part of you, a distant manifestation of your higher Self.

You grasp and hold on to that consciousness, doing nothing else, simply clinging to this consciousness for several minutes, keeping it alive within you. In this way, as your consciousness is already linked to the infinity of your superconsciousness on the higher plane, little by little, your concentration will put you in touch with your higher Self.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, 17 January, 1971

Complete Works, Volume 17, Know Thyself – Jnana Yoga Volume 1
Chapter 8, The Higher Self


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