The Michaelmas Celebrations

In the Northern hemisphere, Archangel Michael presides over the autumn equinox, which occurs on September 22. The feast day of St Michael is on September 29.

We wish our readers every blessing during these important days known as Michaelmas.
The Journey with Omraam Team

“Michaelmas is fabulously rich in meaning for those who understand that it can bring them total liberation.

Death, the separation from the physical body, is an ascension to a higher plane. The soul is carried away by St-Michael and weighed on his scales. His sword severs the ties which hold it to the earth, then the soul is weighed, judged and sent to the sphere that corresponds to its degree of evolution.

The forces of evil are symbolised by the dragon
Archangel Michael holds sway over the forces of balance and justice and, consequently, over the forces that enable us to distinguish between good and evil in order to free the good and transform the evil. But good and evil are so closely intertwined they cannot be separated prematurely without causing some damage. The art of separating opposites is the most difficult of all arts, and throughout the ages initiates have turned to nature for guidance.

We have to wait until then to separate good from evil, and that separation will be the work of Archangel Michael. It is Archangel Michael who has the principal role to play, also, in the purification of the earth. During the course of the centuries, a multitude of evil beings have inundated the earth with immensely destructive forces. These forces have accumulated in a vast reservoir and have taken the form of a monster known as the dragon or serpent.

When the time is right St Michael will defeat the dragon
This is the dragon which is said to seduce the nations and mislead the children of God and to be the cause of all the sufferings of humanity. It is a prodigiously powerful egregor. There have been men and women of great self-abnegation and courage who have thrown themselves into a struggle to the death against this monster, but, to this day, none have vanquished it.

When the time is ripe, however, St Michael will rise and defeat it. Archangel Michael is the only one capable of defeating this egregor. He and his heavenly hosts will answer the prayer that multitudes have addressed to the Lord for centuries. His victory has been foretold in the Book of Revelation and other books of sacred scripture.

For this reason we should link ourselves to St Michael and ask him to protect us and to allow us to unite our efforts to his in order to strengthen his victory. Light will triumph over darkness: this has been foretold and it will be so. Why not have a share in that triumph?
The children of God who take part in the combat led by this sun spirit, the mighty and most luminous power of God, Archangel Michael, will receive the kiss of the angel of fire. And this kiss, instead of burning them, will illuminate them.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol 32 The Fruits of the Tree of Life, The Cabbalistic Tradition 

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