What we can learn from being in love, Part 4/7

Many people have no sense of the value of things – sacred or not, splendid and precious or not – they just trample on them. No matter how virtuous and qualified the person before them is, no matter if they stand to gain the sun and the stars by paying attention to them, they remain insensitive. Then they are unable to escape their gloom and misery, they feel nothing, understand nothing, and see none of the splendour around them. That is the way humans are! And they consider it normal to be that way.

Heaven and Earth can belong to each one of us
I repeat, even if Angels and Archangels came down from heaven and mingled with you, unless you have worked on obtaining this element that knows how to recognize and appreciate the value of things, you will go on being unhappy wherever you go, even in Paradise you will not see the splendour of the kingdom of God.

When I tell you that heaven and earth can be yours, you do not believe me. It is true, the whole world can be yours. How? By belonging to you inwardly. Why must it be externally… what would you do with all those mountains and forests? I tell you that heaven and earth will belong to me and to you also one day, but you do not understand.

The poet in the rich man’s garden
How could one thing be the property of so many? What belongs to one person cannot belong to another in the physical world, but in the divine world it is possible. An image: a rich man owns a beautiful garden full of magnificent trees and flowers, but he is so immersed in his business affairs that he has no time to walk in it or see its beauty.

Along comes a poet and spends all his time in the garden listening to the birds, contemplating the flowers and fountains, breathing the fragrance of the roses and turning it all into poetry. Does the garden not belong to the poet? ‘What about the owner?’ you ask. The taxes belong to him! The earth is the property of a great many countries, but it belongs to me.

Enjoyment is in inverse proportion to the quantity of our possessions
Why not? And to you too. It is simply a question of adjustment. I am giving you a secret today that will enable you to obtain anything you want. Go to the very highest point, grasp a tiny particle at the summit, absorb it, and you will feel that you own the world, you are Master of the world!

Yes, that is how one feels. I am trying to lead you to realize the most subtle and wonderful sensations but if you think possessions are the ultimate solution, you never will. No, there is another element to work on, the taste that will let you enjoy things. Taste is in inverse proportion to quantity, the more you increase the material side, the more taste decreases.

When one is in love…
Take lovers, in the beginning, they exchange looks and smiles, write little notes to each other and feel that everything they do is heavenly. When they go a little further, they no longer have the same joy and inspiration. The truth is that when you weigh down one side of the scales, the other side automatically becomes lighter.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, 16th January, 1972

Complete Works Volume 7. The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life 
The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life
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