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‘The physical world, as we know it, is simply the condensation of primordial Light. God emitted Light and used that Light as the raw material out of which he created the universe. One day scientists will discover that light is the primordial matter from which the universe was created.  The universe, therefore, is God’s very own substance; it came from him, it has become exterior to him, and yet it is still him.

Beyond the visible sun is the invisible, ‘dark Sun’ which pours a ceaseless stream of energies into our visible sun, and the visible sun transforms them and sends them on in the form of light. The dark sun emitted the primordial Light which the visible sun transforms and sends out as rays of visible light. The primordial ‘true’ Light only lights up objects that cross its path; if it does not encounter an object it remains invisible. The presence of true Light, then, is revealed by the objects in its path.

Thousands of years ago, the sacred scriptures of India revealed the great importance that their sages attributed to the sun. Take the example of the Puranas. In the Agni Purana, the sun is considered to be the manifestation of Visnu and the universal Source of all that is. The Matsya Purana says that when we adore the sun we adore Brahma, Visnu and Siva, the trinity which corresponds to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Christian religions. Read More…

Light is a Living Spirit

Each ray of sunshine is a source of energy and humans will have to turn more and more to the energy of the sun, for its resources are limitless. But the energy contained in sunlight is not purely utilitarian: Light is a living Spirit which comes from the sun and which establishes a direct relationship with our own spirit. There are spiritual beings dwelling in each ray of sunshine. This is why it is so important for spiritual people to learn to work with light – which I will explain.


When a ray of sunshine strikes an object, whatever it may be, it gives it something. In man, the sun’s rays are transformed into intelligence, for it is only in man that light finds a host sufficiently receptive to enable it to manifest itself as thought. The spirit which speaks through the mouth of man is an emanation of solar light. It is light that thinks, speaks, sings and creates, and as it gradually clears a passage for itself within the human soul, light is reflected in the form of intelligence, love, beauty, nobility and strength.’

Working with Light

There is no more worthy, more glorious or more potent work than to work with light. People must learn to work with light, only with light, and learn to project that light which alone enables us to see. But what does this mean?

Light is the first divine emanation, it contains all the qualities and virtues of God, and one can know God only through light. You will never find the true meaning of life anywhere but in light. Let’s take just one very simple example from everyday life: when you wake up in the middle of the night and want to get up, the very first thing you do is switch on a light. As long as you can see, you can do whatever you want, but if you try to move about in the dark you will bump into things, knock them over and hurt yourself.


Well, the strange thing is that people have never understood what this teaches us about light: they continue to move about and work in the dark – symbolically speaking; they can’t see where they are and so they are constantly ‘bumping into things.’

You must seek the light; you must concentrate on it and attach more importance to it than to all the other precious things on earth. Read More…

An Exercise

Now let me give you an exercise to do every day, several times a day: as soon as you have a few spare minutes concentrate your thought on light, rest in light, melt into light, soak yourself in light and picture the whole universe bathed in that light. Little by little, as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power. Instead of spending your spare time on trivial diversions, use it to think of the light that illuminates and gives life and peace. Read More…

Even though I am talking to you like this, I am not at all sure how many of you will be interested in doing this work of concentrating on light and seeing what effect it has on you, how it can mould, purify, energise and revitalise you. The exercise I gave you can be applied anywhere: you can always find a few seconds in which to picture in your mind the light that bathes the whole universe. Many clairvoyants have actually seen that light: they have seen that all creatures, all objects down to the very stones of the earth are not only bathed in light, they emanate light. To begin with, this light was known as ‘astral light’, because it was like the light of the stars.

But above and beyond this, there is another, subtler light. Perhaps, sometimes, when you have been meditating or are in a particularly spiritual frame of mind, you have been lit up from within as though by some inner sun, as though a thousand lamps suddenly glowed within you, and you have even sensed that that light shone out from your face.

Once you reach the higher levels of kindness and generosity, gentleness and purity, you will be irradiated with light, you can actually see it; everything becomes clearer and more luminous.Whereas if you indulge in feelings of jealousy, selfishness and greed, you don’t need a mirror to tell you what your face reveals: you can sense the darkness in it. Read More…

Love and Light

Love has an extremely important role to play in obtaining this inner light: it is important that you understand this correctly. When you understand what love really is and how to manifest it, how to let it flow through you, then you will become luminous. Perhaps you will tell me that you don’t see the connection. Well, that is what I am going to show you. You all know how primitives produced fire: they would take two bits of wood, for example, and rub them together until the friction produced heat, and the heat produced a flame.

Chakras n etheric body

So there are three stages: movement, heat and light. And now, if you interpret this phenomenon you will see that movement corresponds to the activity produced by the will; heat corresponds to the feelings produced by the heart, and the flame, the light, corresponds to thought which is the fruit of the intellect. As far as love is concerned, one could say that, symbolically speaking, human beings never get beyond the stage of movement. True, this movement does produce warmth, but they must rise far beyond this purely sensory satisfaction, to love, and then all the way to the light, to understanding, to the heart of the mysteries of the universe. Read More…

Sunrise meditation and Prana

The sun is the image of perfection and, if you take it as your model, if, like the sun, you think of nothing but spreading light, warmth and life, you will really and truly transform yourself. The desire to achieve this is enough to project you into celestial regions and you will really achieve great things.

If you want to have a beneficial influence on human beings, you must get in touch with the sun, every day, and ask it for new particles that you can then pass on to those around you. Only the sun has the power to give you what you need in order to love and help human beings. Read More…

Similarly, when you attend the sunrise in the morning. The sun pours tremendous quantities of energy into nature for the benefit of the creatures that absorb it, and this energy is present in the air in a form that Hindus call prâna. The best time of day in which to absorb the subtlest and most powerful element from the prâna is in the few minutes just before the sun rises. This is when it is present in greatest abundance. So, go and watch the sun rising: it is so soft and gentle… one feels almost as though one could drink it and it is only with the greatest effort that one can tear oneself away: it hurts to have to leave it and go back to one’s everyday activities!

If you want to get the greatest possible benefit from the air you breathe you have to compress it and hold it in your lungs. While your lungs are holding the air under compression, it is prevented from escaping and is forced to circulate through the tiny channels that nature opens for it. Until the air has given up all its blessings we must not let it go. This is the secret of all plenitude.’ Read More…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,

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