We attract the leaders we deserve

-By our level of thinking, we attract the leaders we deserve
Let me tell you a story: there was once a kingdom that was constantly plagued by disease and famine and every kind of misfortune. At his wit’s end, the king of that country consulted a sage. The wise man told him: ‘Your Majesty, it is you who are the cause of all these misfortunes. It is because you live a life of debauchery and are cruel and unjust that your subjects are visited by so many calamities.’ Then, leaving the king’s presence, the sage stood up before the people and told them: ‘If you suffer, it is because you deserve to: you have called this tyrant upon yourselves by the senseless way you live.’

In this parable, the sage is explaining Cosmic Law. When we know this law, we can understand that, when the people of a country evolve in their thinking, the Invisible World sends them enlightened leaders who bring them well-being and prosperity. But, while they allow their base instincts to predominate, it sends tyrants to rule over them. This is the law. It is important to know that there are laws.


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When the population of a country decides to live according to the light, the Invisible World sends them leaders of nobility and integrity and the country is blessed. But if a population finds itself ruled by a tyrant to whom they cannot appeal, they are only getting what they deserve; he has been sent to them by the Invisible World.

Why was Bulgaria occupied for several centuries by the Ottomans? Because, instead of listening to the peace-loving Bogomils in the 13th century, they massacred them and drove them out of the country . Then came centuries of darkness… The Ottomans invaded Bulgaria and oppressed its people for five hundred years. When a country drives out the light it pays dearly for it in the form of all kinds of misfortunes.

This is why you should accept the light I bring you and learn to live properly. In this way you will attract enlightened, clear-sighted leaders who are well versed in human nature and know how the universe is constructed and understand the laws that govern it.

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Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn, Chapter 2

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