Wesak Ceremony, Full Moon 18-19 May 2019

The important Ceremony of Wesak will be celebrated at the full moon of 18-19 May 2019.

The Master explains how during this very special ceremony we can link to the initiates, with the thought of receiving the blessing they will send to all the children of God.

“The Initiates attend a ceremony that takes place in a specific place in the Himalayas, in May, when the sun is still in Taurus, which is the most fertile and most prolific sign of the zodiac, and the moon in the sign of Scorpio.

This place magnetically attracts during the full moon of May. From all continents, the initiates travel there by their soul and spirit, to attend a grand ceremony that takes place in the presence of the great Masters of humanity … They come together to give rise to feelings and the purest and highest thoughts that they then spread around the world.”

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