Does mankind really want peace?

Human beings are all actors in a comedy — or a tragedy
In the invisible world human beings are alike: they all aspire to joy, happiness and freedom, to knowledge and light, and they all experience suffering in the same way. As they begin to understand this, they will begin to realize that it is only on the outside that they are different, that they are wearing different masks. They are like the members of a theatre company: they fight and kill each other on stage, but in real life they are great friends. Human beings are all actors in a comedy — or a tragedy — but in real life they are brothers and sisters.

Here are a few extracts from the Master’s Teaching about peace in the world.

“Many people, nowadays, say that they are working for world peace whereas, in point of fact, they are not doing much to establish true peace. It is just a lot of talk! They create all kinds of organizations to work for peace but what they are really interested in is getting their name in the newspapers, being invited to receptions and receiving honours: the lives they are leading do nothing to bring about peace.


They write articles and books and convene meetings to discuss peace and, at the same time they continue to nourish the seeds of war within themselves, for they are always in conflict with one thing or another. What kind of peace can they bring to the world in these conditions? Peace must first reign in people’s inner being, in their acts, their thoughts and their feelings. Only when this is so will they be in a position to work effectively for peace in the world.

It has never occurred to people that they must begin by getting all the particles of their physical and psychic being, to live and co-operate together in accordance with the cosmic laws of peace and harmony so that the peace they claim to be working for actually emanates from them.

This is how Cosmic Intelligence has ordained things, but human beings constantly work in opposition: they grab everything for themselves and leave nothing for their neighbours. Well, this can last for a little while, but no society has ever survived for long by means of egoism, injustice and cruelty.

Many people spend their time accusing others of fomenting war. They think that in this way they are contributing to world peace. Some blame the rich; others say that the fault lies with bankers or politicians. Believers accuse those who are not of their own particular Faith of fanaticism. Look around you and you will see that everyone thinks that if one could just get rid of something or someone else, peace would reign in the world.

And it is precisely here that everyone is mistaken. Even if mankind managed to get rid of all their armies and all their weapons, the very next day people would find other means of exterminating each other. Peace is something that exists within us; it is an inner state, an inner attitude, and it cannot be established in the world simply by getting rid of externals. First and foremost we have to get rid of the causes of war within us.

To tell the truth, the question is perfectly clear and simple; it is just that people seldom stop to think about it. People should ask, ‘If we have so many misfortunes and difficulties today, could it be because we have asked for them? Consciously or unconsciously we may have wished them on ourselves. If we had wished for the opposite could we have it all today?’ ”

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 208, The Egregor of the Dove, and the Reign of Peace

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